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Grote champignons uit Ammerzoden

If you want to buy mushrooms, De Champignonspecialist has different kinds of the highest quality. The mushrooms are delivered daily by our growers and we process them to a tasty finished product. These mushrooms are processed within 12 hours to ensure they freshness. Do you own a wholesale, industrial supply or retail company and do you want to buy fresh high quality mushrooms? Then read on!

A wide variety of choice when you want to buy mushrooms

We have different kinds of mushrooms available. The four types are:

  • Mini white mushrooms
  • Chestnut mushrooms
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Shiitake

The different kinds of mushrooms are available to buy in different kinds of packages. We have boxes, tins, and glass packages, but also buckets. These buckets are tenable until six weeks after production and are therefore ideal for wholesale, industrial supply, and retail.

Fast delivery, quick service

We also export the mushrooms to different countries within the European Union. We guarantee a fast delivery when you buy mushrooms from us. An external company oversees the transport, which enables us to act quickly in case of problems or urgent deliveries. You can easily request a quotation or place an order via our website. Do you have any additional questions? Email them to us via

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