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Grote champignons uit Ammerzoden

If you are looking for a fine quality mushroom from Dutch grounds, De Champignonspecialist provides Dutch companies with the best mushrooms and organizes export to other European countries. If you are a mushroom importer from Belgium, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, Romania or Italy, we are more than glad to help you with the import and export of the highest quality of Dutch mushrooms. Did you know that the Netherlands is the biggest exporting country of mushrooms?

We are the best party for mushroom export in the Netherlands

As one of the finest mushroom importers and exporters in Europe, we maintain a high quality policy. This mainly focuses on:

  • A constant and high quality of our mushrooms destined for importers and exporters.
  • Guaranteed food safety and excellent corporate hygiene.
  • High reliability rate when it comes to deliverance and good service.

This also means that all the mushrooms that are delivered by our growers will be processed within twelve hours to ensure the quality for the mushroom export. Mushroom importers for wholesale, industry, and retail from countries across Europe trust us with providing them the best finished product available.

Choose your preferred kind of mushrooms and packaging material

At De Champignonspecialist we find it very important that our customers, mainly mushroom importers from across Europe, have a lot of options and choices in how they want to receive their mushrooms. We have white mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and shiitakes. The mushrooms are available for export in buckets, tins and boxes.

Mushroom importers in Europe are welcome to request a quotation

Are you a mushroom importer in Europe? Then request a quotation via our website or place your order of our finest mushrooms via our website. Do you have any additional questions? Then contact us via and we will gladly help you with all your questions.

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