If you are looking for the best fresh mushrooms from Dutch grounds, then we are more than happy to help you. With our decade long knowledge and experience we process white mushrooms skilfully. There are six different kinds available for our customers. These white mushrooms are produced year-round by our Dutch growers and are always of the highest quality. Our mushrooms can be bought wholesale, but also in buckets, glass or tins. This also goes for our other kinds of mushrooms, namely chestnut mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and shiitake.

Mini mushrooms
whole button

Mushrooms first choice
whole button / sliced

Mushrooms second choice
whole button / sliced

Mushrooms third choice
whole button / sliced

Mushrooms hotelmix

Chestnut mushrooms

Our mushrooms are available in different kind of packaging

  • Buckets (storable up to 6 weeks after production at 4 °C)
    Content: 6000 g Ulg
    Per layer: 13
    Layers: 6
    Pro pallet: 78 buckets
  • Box / Barrels (storable up to 18 days after production at 4 °C)
    Content: 330 kg Ulg / 50 kg Ulg
    Per pallet: 330 kg / 50 kg
  • Cans (storable up to 4 years after production)
    Content: 425 ml 230 g Ulg | Per tray: 12 | Per layer: 12 | Layers: 12 | Per pallet: 144 trays
    Content: 850 ml 460 g Ulg | Per tray: 12 | Per layer: 6 | Layers: 12 | Per pallet: 72 trays
    Content: 2650 ml 1380 g Ulg | Per tray: 6 | Per layer: 5 | Layers: 10 | Per pallet: 50 trays
    Content: 3100 ml 1920 g Ulg | Per tray: 6 | Per layer: 5 | Layers: 8 | Per pallet: 40 trays
    Content: 4250 ml 2300 g Ulg | Per tray: 6 | Per layer: 5 | Layers: 6 | Per pallet: 30 trays

Get your own quotation of the finest Dutch mushrooms available

Are you considering to order Dutch white mushrooms? Then request a quotation so we can see what we can do for you! You can also email your questions to info@dchs.nl. We export the finest mushrooms to multiple European countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Romania, and Greece.